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Heal Thy Biz Online is the primary training provider partner for the nonprofit Contractor Training Coalition based in upstate New York, USA. We provide cloud based IT services and create web based apps for little firms. We also provide / fund the management team and pay all of the administrative bills for both the non-profit coalition, and it's 501c3 charity at the heart of it. That charity is the organization that coordinates many of the social good and community empowerment activities of the coalition's individual member firms.

We specialize in training people with limited academic skills, plus those who have never used a computer within a business setting before, in how to set up and manage a professional business office. We are a regulatory compliance consulting service with 10 years of experience in financial recovery interventions and micro sized firms' concerns. We also help people who are in cash flow trouble figure out how to free up funds internally for other uses; such as making your workplaces safer so you can comply with the building safety and accessibility standards.
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